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IT News - CxO
DevSecOps: 4 Guiding Principles for CIOs
How can IT leaders drive transformation while continuing to deliver high-quality software and maintaining security? Consider these DevSecOps strategies
Raja Gudepu writes in The Enterprisers Project, "Modern software leaders are all too familiar with the concept of moving the goalpost. The business demands they deliver new features faster, and when they do, the feature must then be compatible across platforms.

These days, the goalpost has moved again: Now the business wants quality software quickly -and they want it to be free of critical vulnerabilities, compliant with data privacy laws, and easily adaptable to new requirements the business demands in response to the market..."

The Enterprisers Project, January 6th, 2022
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A CISO's Guide To Discussing Cybersecurity With The Board
With data breaches on track to reach all-time high, chief information security officers (CISOs) are on alert to find blind spots in IT infrastructures and mitigate risks to keep their organizations safe
"Recent high-profile attacks should be enough warning for companies to take action," writes Sean McDermott in HelpNet Security, "yet a report from Deloitte shows that cybersecurity gets a little over 10% of overall IT budgets. Without the proper resources, CISOs can't effectively protect companies from threats - but when a company is attacked, CISOs are often the first to get blamed.

To get the assets needed for CISOs to properly do their jobs, business leaders need to invest time, attention, and money in cybersecurity. Here are helpful ways that CISOs can discuss cybersecurity with their C-suite and board members..."

HelpNet Security, January 3rd, 2022
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Cybersecurity Myths You Might Still Believe - Debunked!
Over time, the state of cybersecurity evolves. New threats emerge, but so do new security technologies. As encryption has become more prevalent, many threats that were once serious have been diminished
"Other attacks that were performed once or twice as a proof of concept never evolved into the widespread threat that we were warned they could. Your online safety practices should make you feel safe and comfortable. But there's real value in knowing which threats are serious, and which ones are mostly hot air. Sophos Home debunks five common cybersecurity myths..." -, January 4th, 2022
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5 Analyst Predictions For How The CIO Role Will Change In 2022
Companies will scrutinize CIOs' ability to deliver financial results, flexibility, and an effective hybrid work strategy
"The tech leaders who spent 2021 focused on business acceleration will now be tasked with guiding business transformation," opines Roberto Torres in CIODIVE.

"2020 cemented the role of the CIO as a savvy business advisor. CEOs see CIOs and CTOs as the most critical executives over the next few years because of the connections they can provide, an IBM survey of 3,000 CEOs found.

Companies are expecting CIOs to advise, and execute in the new year. A more efficient organization awaits through automation and hybrid work technology implementations, two tasks squarely under the purview of CIOs. By 2024, Gartner expects these developments to lead nearly one-third of corporate teams to operate without a boss..."

CIODIVE, January 4th, 2022
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Aligning Security Strategy With ESG Objectives: The Next Big Issue For CISOs
As interest in environmental, social, and governance issues increases among investors, business partners, consumers, and employees, CISOs will need to shape their security and risk strategies to align with the organization's ESG objectives. It's another step in the progression of the CISO role.
"Matthew Miller, a principal in Cyber Services at KPMG, had a first-of-its-kind request from a client CISO this past year," writes Mary K. Pratt in CSO Online.

"The CISO wanted advice on responding to a board member's question about his views on ESG and whether he was focused on it.

It was a first for the CISO as well, Miller says.

Miller says he soon realized that this CISO was one of a small, but growing, number of security leaders becoming involved in their organization's ESG work..."

CSO Online, January 4th, 2022
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Digital Transformation: Your 6 Key Teams In 2022
Digital transformation is as much about people as technology. As you focus your digital initiatives in the coming year, consider how these pivotal groups of people can support your progress
"Is digital transformation dead? Overhyped? Still just a buzzword?" asks Anurag Shah in The Enterprisers Project.

"Not by a long shot.

Forrester says organizations will continue with their transformation initiatives well into 2022. But while 2021 focused on short-term goals, 2022 will see digital transformation leaders focus on long-term challenges and leverage a customer-obsessed approach to technology. Future-fit companies - ones that are adaptive, creative, and resilient - are known to outperform their peers..."

The Enterprisers Project, January 5th, 2022
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Why CIOs Should Report to CISOs
If the CISO is responsible for the security of the organization, then that same person also should be responsible for both security and IT infrastructure.
J.J. Guy writes in DARKReading, "Enterprises are facing a conundrum at the top of the cybersecurity chain.

CISOs, who oversee the network, have the primary responsibility for security, but they often lack visibility into the infrastructure and the business-critical data that is fast becoming the favored targets of cyberattackers. The CIO, who has overseen the under-the-hood development of that targeted infrastructure, is inherently better able to understand the vulnerabilities and the gaps in visibility that malicious actors are likely to exploit..."

DARKReading, January 4th, 2022
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IT News - Security
Five Best Practices To Get More From Threat Intelligence
The key takeaway from October's Cybersecurity Awareness Month was the urgent need to make security a priority
"To do this," writes Anthony Perridge in enterprise times, "many security operations teams are leaning into threat intelligence to understand specifically where and how to focus their efforts to protect their organisations better.

The SANS 2021 Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Survey found that organisations of all sizes and industries are adopting CTI (cyber threat intelligence) programmes. It reflects a broad-based recognition of the benefits CTI programmes can provide. It is quite an evolution from several years ago when CTI was conducted on an ad-hoc basis.

enterprise times, January 6th, 2022
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Top 10 Security Challenges For 2022
This time of year is traditionally for either looking back at the previous year or looking forward to the year ahead
"While there have been great advances over the years with respect to information security tools," writes Mark Rasch in Security Boulevard, "technologies, training and awareness, significant challenges remain. What follows are my estimations of the top information security challenges for 2022. Please note that I could probably have written the same challenges for 2021, 2019, 2001 and perhaps even 1973. Some of these issues are perennial, some are new. And as a lawyer, some of these challenges are specific to security-focused lawyers rather than technical challenges which might be faced by CISOs..."
Security Boulevard, January 4th, 2022
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Defending Against Modern Ransomware Tactics
Ransomware gangs are continuing to evolve new tactics and techniques, and organizations need to be better prepared to defend against them in 2022.
"In the business of extorting money from victims, bad actors are finding innovative, disruptive new ways to gain leverage and provide incentives for victims to hand over the ransom payment," reports Nathan Eddy in Security Boulevard.

"The rise of double and triple extortion methods-used by ransomware operators to improve their success rates-is putting additional pressure on organizations to understand common and emerging ransomware trends, as well as how to respond to them.

The double extortion tactic has proved very effective given it undermines ransomware recovery strategies for organizations who planned to rely on data backup remediation options in the case of a ransomware attack. With double extortion, the options for organizations become more limited.

Security Boulevard, January 5th, 2022
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7 Predictions For Global Energy Cybersecurity In 2022
Increased digitization makes strong cybersecurity more important than ever
"We now live in a world where cyberattacks can shut down critical infrastructure," warns Leo Simonovich in DARKReading.

"Those who follow the mega-trends driving the global economy - like the convergence of the digital revolution and the energy transition - understand that with more and more critical infrastructure remotely operated or digitally managed, it was only a matter of time before a cyberattack caused disruptions that crossed over into the physical world. Last year, I wrote that 2021 would "shine a light on the need for industrial cybersecurity."

DARKReading, January 7th, 2022
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Top 8 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2022
Seeing opportunities in the mass move to remote work, cyberattackers are updating their tactics, compelling security leaders to respond. Experts make their predictions about threat reduction, compliance, supply chain management, security spending and more.
"As global economies look to exit the pandemic chaos," writes Shweta SharmaBy in CSO Online, "there is a cloud of uncertainty around navigating the new normal. While enterprises tout their efforts to accelerate digital transformation efforts, for security leaders in business there is a dark side to the rapid deployment of new technology.

Remote work, virtual meetings, hybrid cloud networks, and SaaS adoption have all brought about complex IT infrastructures that are opening up new threat avenues. Meanwhile, CSOs also must help ensure their organizations are in compliance with new regulations..."

CSO Online, January 6th, 2022
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Catching True Positives In Network Security
LogRhythm's Analytic Co-Pilot team works with customers to get the most value from their cybersecurity investment; we spend time reducing and removing the false positive alarms within their environment through investigating, tuning the rules, and checking the outputs
"Sometimes rules can be tuned too much where true positives are not alerted upon and can be missed," notes Kelsey Gast in Security Boulevard.

"Read this blog post to learn how to perfect your rules and properly trigger alarms. We'll guide you through

  • The differences between true and false positives
  • Ways to test and ensure that rules are working as desired
  • How to tune rules and build confidence in your SIEM
  • Additional tools and resources to improve your tuning efforts

What is a True Positive vs. a False Positive

When looking at rules and use cases, use the table below to decide what is a true positive and a false positive in network security...

Security Boulevard, January 5th, 2022
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IT News - Storage
Data Management In 2022: Dataops, Talent Shortages, Storage Overload
The exponential growth in the amount of data that needs to be stored will force changes in 2022 - including the need to delete non-essential data.
In 2022, the burdens of enterprise data management will continue to expand, driven largely by rising data growth, as well as emerging trends ranging from DataOps and CloudOps to the increasing need to protect data.

The following are a few of the more significant steps we'll see in the evolution of data management in 2022. - eWeek

eWeek, January 3rd, 2022
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Storage In 2021: Facts, News, Trends, Confirmations And Winners
We here share the news and facts we consider significant in 2021, winners in terms of companies, products and technologies.
Philippe Nicolas writes in, "We select and aggregate information to build a list of 12 items:

1. Several major disasters and outages for cloud providers with the OVHcloud scandal or several outages at AWS, Azure and Google, confirming that the business continuity, even for cloud-based services, have to be considered seriously for business critical applications. Signing a contract doesn't prevent an impact, it just gives responsibility to others but effects and consequences are still on you, so multi-clouds and multi-geos should be systematically adopted...", January 4th, 2022
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Storage Tiering Market
Storage tiering is nothing new. However, the new trend is around different tiers of SSD, from high performance write optimized to lower cost, higher capacity, and less frequently accessed to support for different tiers and types of application data needs, said Greg Schulz, analyst with StorageIO Group.
While SSDs are popular, HDDs and tape continue to be relevant as part of the larger storage hierarchy as different tiers to meet expanding data growth. Despite the wishes and prognostications by some, no one storage media or medium today, or at least for the next several years, will be able to support all storage needs in a cost-effective manner.

Another continuing trend is that different tiers of storage devices and media are being moved to different locations. For instance, HDD or tape may no longer be in an on-premises environment, yet they may in fact be in use as part of some other solution where they are in the background. The big cloud providers, for example, use tape in their lower or archive tiers.

Thus, tiering is generating big growth in storage tiering. The tape market is expanding as are the markets for SSD and HDD. Users have realized that all tiers and formats remain important and that they all play a role in finding the right mix of performance and capacity., January 6th, 2022
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2021 Storage Facts And 2022 Predictions
Here are 2021 storage facts and 2022 predictions by Tim Klein, president and CEO since 1988 of Atto
1: FC is thriving: Mainstream FC products have been with us for nearly 30 years and despite some declaring it a dying connectivity technology, activity in the FC market throughout 2021 has been extremely healthy. FC continually lives up to its well-earned reputation of reliability and stability with predictable high-performance and a flexible protocol stack. In addition to more traditional deployments, FC is proving to be effective in networked NVMe storage. NVMe over FC could become a strong alternative to NVMe-oF as system builders look for the best way to utilise NVMe over networks., January 6th, 2022
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Analysts Predict Cloud Storage Trends For 2022
Cloud storage vendor competition will heat up in 2022, with new managed services, support for hybrid deployments and persistent storage services, industry experts predict.
"As another year of operating against a COVID-19 backdrop begins, storage admins will have to continue to find ways to support remote work models and add combinations of cloud and on-premises infrastructure to maintain access to important workloads.

In 2022, storage vendors will try to address those pain points by supporting the development of hybrid infrastructure..."

SearchStorage, January 6th, 2022
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Understand NVMe 2.0 Specification And Its Related Features
NVMe 2.0 added several features for storage administrators to consider, including domain support. The specification also made enhancements, such as to Endurance Group Management.
"The NVMe 2.0 specification, published in June 2021, introduced changes to improve performance and to support new uses of NVMe," reports Jim Handy in SearchStorage.

"While NVMe originally supported only block storage, which was the way that storage had always worked in the past, NVMe 2.0 provides two Command Set upgrades to add Zoned Namespaces (ZNS) and Key Value support. The specification also now supports three Transport specification upgrades for PCIe, Remote Direct Memory Access and TCP..."

SearchStorage, January 3rd, 2022
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Lenovo News
Enterprise Metaverse: Employees Are Ready, Can Organizations Deliver?
Research commissioned by Lenovo reveals close to half of employees are willing to embrace a metaverse workplace, presenting an opportunity for businesses to usher in the future of work
"Just as businesses are starting to find their groove with hybrid working, the workplace has begun to evolve again with the emergence of the metaverse. New research from Lenovo1 reveals that close to half of employees (44%) are willing to work in the metaverse and believe that it can deliver benefits like productivity to the workplace.

The metaverse is primarily defined as a shared digital space with digital representations of people, places, and objects. In the future, the metaverse can be a highly immersive extension of the physical world, with its rich user interface. At the enterprise level, this opens up possibilities for businesses to create a more viable, interactive workplace..."

Lenovo News, January 13th, 2022
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Growing Alliance For The Environment: DB Schenker And Lufthansa Cargo Welcome Lenovo On Their Co2-Neutral Flights
New SAF customer Lenovo uses regular cargo flights from Shanghai to Frankfurt - Every week 78 tons less greenhouse gases - Carbon-neutral air transport of IT hardware powered by sustainable aviation fuel
Another major global player joins DB Schenker and Lufthansa Cargo on their way towards greener supply chains: Global technology provider Lenovo is flying 20 tons of chargeable weight per week from Shanghai (PVG) to Frankfurt (FRA). The carbon-neutral freighter flight is the only regular full charter connection worldwide which is 100 percent covered by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). SAF is produced out of renewable waste and residue raw materials such as used cooking oils. Lenovo will be shipping laptops and PCs for both consumers and business customers on these weekly flights.
Lenovo News, January 11th, 2022
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IT News - AI
Data Science And AI Predictions For 2022
The pace of technological change increased in 2021, and if history is any guide, will continue to accelerate in 2022.
At the leading edge of high tech are data science and artificial intelligence, two disciplines that promise to keep the pace of change at a high level," opines Alex Woodie in datanami.

"Interest in AI, machine learning, and data science is extremely high, if the number of predictions on these topics is any indication. We start this batch of predictions with DataKitchen CEO Chris Bergh, who notes that the global AI market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33% through 2027. But that significant growth comes with a hidden risk: reputational harm due to bias and a lack of accountability in AI processes..."

datanami, January 3rd, 2022
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4 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Trends To Watch In 2022
IT leaders should see more Robotic Process Automation (RPA) efforts mature and deliver business results. Here are four things to look for
"Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in 2022 won't be about what's new and shiny, but rather the evolution and maturation of trends already underway," opines Kevin Casey in The Enterprisers Project.

"This should be welcome news for IT and business leaders who see RPA as a single tine in a multi-prong automation strategy. 'New and shiny' does not necessarily produce results. But 2022 in general is likely to be a year where boards, investors, customers, and other stakeholders ask: Where are the results?

To put it more specifically: Where are the results from those outsized investments you've been making in digital transformation, AI/ML, cloud, and elsewhere?..."

The Enterprisers Project, January 6th, 2022
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2022 Technology Predictions For AI In The Enterprise
The global use and further development of AI continued to grow in 2021 as enterprises found more ways to deploy it and developers discovered new ways to capture its possibilities for business users.
"So, what might 2022 bring for AI and a wide range of related IT fields from MLOps to security, cloud and edge computing, open source, the metaverse and more?" asks Todd R. Weiss in Enterprise AI.

"To answer that question, we received a wide range of predictions from IT industry experts who shared their thoughts with EnterpriseAI. We are publishing them here, edited for clarity and brevity, to give our readers an early look at what may come in 2022 in enterprise AI and related technologies..."

Enterprise AI, January 7th, 2022
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Microsoft News
Empowering 2 Billion Global Frontline Workers
The past two years have been challenging for everyone, especially frontline workers tasked with keeping the proverbial lights on throughout the pandemic.
From healthcare to hospitality, the manufacturing floor to the retail sales floor, these workers have weathered health risks, labor shortages, supply chain issues and more.

So, it's not surprising to hear they're ready for change. They want help prioritizing culture and well-being and, despite their essential roles, feel underserved by technology and training. Those are some of the key findings from our latest Work Trend Index report, which focuses on the experiences of the global frontline workforce. Just as the pandemic was a catalyst for spurring rapid digital transformation for information workers, our report suggests we're at a similar inflection point on the front line.

Microsoft News, January 12th, 2022
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Leaders Across Healthcare, Academia And Technology Form New Coalition To Transform Healthcare Journey Through Responsible AI Adoption
Coalition established to identify and solve significant societal and industry barriers through the use of AI
"Leading public, private, educational and research organizations across the U.S. healthcare and life sciences industries announced the formation of the Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Coalition (AI3C). The coalition brings together the Brookings Institution, Cleveland Clinic, Duke Health, Intermountain Healthcare, Microsoft, Novant Health, Plug and Play, Providence, UC San Diego, and University of Virginia with the goal of maximizing technology to provide recommendations, tooling and best practices for AI in healthcare.

'The goal of the newly created AI3C is to establish a pragmatic coalition with public and private organizations to advance health by identifying and addressing significant societal and industry barriers,' said Patty Obermaier, vice president, US Health and Life Sciences, Microsoft. 'I am excited about the launch of AI3C and working with its distinguished board as we continue the momentum toward serving the needs of patients and communities through AI innovation.'

Microsoft News, January 13th, 2022
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Microsoft Announces New Research And Technology To Empower Millions Of Frontline Workers
New product features come as company sees 400% Microsoft Teams growth per month by frontline workers during the pandemic
"Microsoft Corp. released a Work Trend Index Special Report, 'Technology Can Help Unlock a New Future for Frontline Workers,' and announced new features in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva designed to serve millions of frontline workers.

The 2 billion frontline workers worldwide represent 80% of the global workforce, with 88% of organizations employing people in frontline roles. Increasingly, companies are investing in digital tools for frontline workers to modernize workflows, enhance job performance, and improve workplace culture and communication. Microsoft has seen 400% growth in monthly active usage of its Teams collaboration platform among frontline workers since March 2020..."

Microsoft News, January 12th, 2022
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Citrix News
Add Citrix DDoS mitigation service to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops to protect your business
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops is easy to manage, delivers a seamless app experience, can secure your organization's apps, and help you boost employee productivity
Citrix Gateway ensures secure access to apps, enabling SSO, authenticating users, and protecting your network with ICA proxy.

Cyberattacks are on the rise, and one of the most common and dangerous types is the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Without a mitigation solution, a DDoS attack can disrupt access to your apps and your network, disrupting your business' operations.

Citrix News, January 13th, 2022
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Employees Resolve To Shape New Future Of Work In 2022
Nearly 80 percent say they'll work on flexible models, with more than 72 percent planning to remain fully remote.
While many employers continue to push for a return to the days of old where all employees are in the office all the time, new research reveals this isn't likely to happen. According to Citrix polls conducted on LinkedIn and Twitter, nearly 80 percent of 13,000 respondents plan to work on flexible models in the year ahead, with more than 72 percent indicating they'll remain fully remote.
Citrix News, January 11th, 2022
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Getting Started With Citrix Podio: 4 Tips To Jumpstart Your Team
Let's face it - change can be disruptive. It can be difficult to shift away from how we currently work
But what if I told you the change that comes with Citrix Podio could save your organization an average of 1,257 hours per user in just one month? Change with Podio doesn't sound too bad after all.

Podio helps transform your organization's workflows by bringing all content, conversations, and processes into one collaboration platform. But how do you start? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 . 4.

Citrix News, January 14th, 2022
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IAM vs PAM: How are they different?
As more companies adopt hybrid work models and employees are spread over larger geographic areas, cybersecurity and access control have been thrust into the spotlight.
Enterprises are paying more attention to how employees access company information and go about conducting daily business activities. The challenges brought about by this new work arrangement are only exacerbated by the increase in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies. Even before the pandemic, 95 percent of businesses allowed the use of personal devices for work - and 85 percent expanded BYOD programs as a result of the pandemic.
Citrix News, January 10th, 2022
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Nutanix News
Partners Are Our Customers
Recently Nutanix received an immense honor in achieving Champion status in the Canalys Channel Leadership Matrix 2021 for EMEA, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific.
Even more importantly, the results reflected direct feedback from our valued partners around the world. Specifically in EMEA, Nutanix received 2-3X more responses than any vendor in the Canalys Candefero platform - and we are incredibly grateful for this support from our partners.

We know that it takes more than just a program or incentives to win the hearts and minds of our partners. Our partners face a plethora of choices to ensure that their customers succeed, and we take that seriously. We view our role across the Nutanix channel organizations similarly: our job is simply to help our partners succeed...

Nutanix News, January 13th, 2022
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HPE News
Leading Japanese Telecommunications Provider OPTAGE trialling local 5G services Powered by HPE 5G Core Stack
Pre-integrated, automated, and cloud-native software stack enables OPTAGE to rapidly deploy, configure and test 5G core network
Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced that OPTAGE, a leading Japanese telecommunications provider, has selected HPE 5G Core Stack for its testbed Local 5G network - as part of Japan's private 5G initiative. OPTAGE is testing the viability of Local 5G networks to meet business customer demands for use cases such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and education.

Local 5G is a Japanese Government initiative that enables organizations, such as enterprises, local government and universities, to deploy private 5G networks in a limited area using spectrum which is different from that used by mobile operators.

HPE News, January 13th, 2022
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IT News - CRM
Best CRM Software & Systems 2022
It is becoming increasingly difficult to function in the modern digital economy without some form of automated customer management
Arthur Coles writes in IT Business Edge, "Not only has ecommerce turned even the smallest business into a global entity, but the sheer speed at which goods and services are bought and sold these days has made it all but impossible to conduct business as a manual process.

Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Kate Leggett writes that CRM now offers enterprises and smaller companies the opportunity to pursue a deep 'customer-first' perspective alongside operational efficiency. And as the enterprise wants to provide more personalized, differentiated experiences to customers, the CRM industry is responding with 'componentized' and vertical offerings..."

IT Business Edge, January 5th, 2022
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IT News - HR
The 5 Biggest HR Tech Trends Coming Your Way This Year
From adopting gig economy best practices to expanding the use of AI, here are the top 5 HR tech trends to look out for in 2022
Phil Albinus writes in HR Executive, "As we approach the end of the first full calendar year of living and working in a global pandemic, it's clear HR leaders will need to adopt technology in new ways to face continuing challenges with hybrid work, vaccine mandates and the Great Resignation.

From adopting the best practices of the gig economy to expanding the use of AI, here are the top five HR tech trends to look out for in 2022..."

HR Executive, January 3rd, 2022
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Best Talent Management Software 2022
Tools to help you take on the challenge of finding talented people
"The best talent management software makes it simple and easy to manage valuable employees, from acquisition to training to retention," writes Mark Pickavance in ITProportal.

"Retaining and maintaining the quality of those staff that drive a business forward is critical to the momentum of a company, and that simultaneously relates to both recruitment and retention of the most talented employees.

This is especially as the most-talented staff might be head-hunted by competitors who appreciate the advantage such employees can provide. The result is a loss to the original employer and a gain for the competitor.

ITProportal, January 6th, 2022
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IT News - DevOps
6 Top DevOps Technology Trends To Watch
Technology trends simply cannot be ignored in today's dynamic environment. As the world enters a post-digital era, organizations are exploring disruptive technology trends
"Artificial intelligence, machine learning, intelligent process automation, advanced analytics, and robotic process automation (RPA) are among the top DevOps technology trends to watch," writes Anurag Shah in

"According to a survey by Accenture, 94% of IT and business experts reported that emerging technologies have accelerated firms' innovation pace in the last three years.

Winning This Decade in the Context of the Next Normal

This decade continues to witness further development in technology, as innovation transforms industries such as insurance, banking, and healthcare. It is crucial to look beyond seeking operational efficiency and decreasing cost - particularly as customer expectations, regulatory requirements and business landscapes are rapidly evolving.

Take a look at six vital technology trends that have gained momentum in today's hyper-digital world...", January 6th, 2022
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IT News - Cloud
Surging To The Front Of The Cloud Race: The S3 API And Object Storage
The competition for supremacy in the public cloud computing marketplace is one of the most eagerly watched contests throughout the data landscape.
With AWS, Google, and Azure all vying with one another to offer the most advantageous services for what's only a broadening user base, there's no scarcity of innovations as they attempt to outmatch one another for customer patronage and loyalty.

Historically, there have been a number of reasons why customers would choose to opt for one of these providers over the others. Google's renowned for its advancements in Artificial Intelligence; Azure is lauded for its office applications, while AWS offers a considerable amount of support for retailers and wholesalers. - insideBIGDATA

insideBIGDATA, January 7th, 2022
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Enterprises Worry About Increased Data Risk In Cloud
The 2021 Strategic Security Survey highlights concerns related to the cloud environment, such as the ability to detect breaches and the increasing number of attacks against cloud systems.
"The massive shift to a more distributed work environment and adoption of cloud services to support new business models over the past two years has impacted how enterprises assess cyber-risk and manage cloud vulnerabilities. Respondents to Dark Reading's 2021 Strategic Security Survey say the shift away from on-premises infrastructures has significantly raise d the level of cyber-risk associated with cloud services..." - DARKReading
DARKReading, January 6th, 2022
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Three Steps To A Successful Enterprise Cloud Migration
Planning and knowledge of a cloud environment minimizes the stress of migration.
Robert Bryant writes in DataCenter Knowledge, "If there's any good news to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, at least from an IT perspective, it's that even more companies have moved to the cloud - or are planning to make the switch. Industry predictions show no signs of cloud adoption slowing down.

But cloud migration can be a daunting task for some businesses. After all, companies have large volumes of data to import between their existing infrastructure and the cloud. However, planning and knowledge of a cloud environment minimizes the stress of migration. Here's what you need to keep in mind to ensure a successful migration to the cloud..."

DataCenter Knowledge, January 7th, 2022
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IT News - Careers
The Open Office Floor Plan: Rethinking An Awful Idea
Those big, wide-open offices don't work-both for employees and the companies who think they improve collaboration among colleagues. It's time to rethink what the office is.
Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols writes in Computerworldrld, "Some friends and I were talking about the new Google building at 2000 North Shoreline Blvd. in Mountain View, Calif. Truth be told, we're not impressed. As one person said, it looks like a sagging tent city covered in dragon scales (and not in a good way). But the real kicker? Someone else dared to hope that at least it would have real offices instead of an open office floor plan.

Alas, it won't. And 'that's one reason why I'm never going back into the office again,' one of my friends declared. 'At least at home, I have a private office where I can close the door. Those days are so long gone at 'work'..."

Computerworldrld, January 4th, 2022
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IT Job Skills 2022: What's Hot, What's Not?
The pandemic continues to shape new technology and skills demands. Here's a look at the skills most likely to shine and sizzle this year.
"2021 said goodbye to 2020", opines Pam Baker in Informationweek "but not to its woes as the pandemic marched on and over everything that had gone before. A lot of lessons were learned in 2021, but one summed up the experience: Business resilience is more than just a buzzword. Through it all and beyond, IT is continuously reinventing itself on the fly.

'The pandemic is accelerating digital transformation. How we work and learn is adapting to a more flexible and hybrid model that harnesses technology to connect. IT professionals can't simply be technical, they must have communication skills to be effective in their roles,' says David Morales, Chief Information Officer for Western Governors University..."

Informationweek, January 5th, 2022
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IT News - Big Data
The Five Horsemen Of The Data Apocalypse
One could argue that the last few years have highlighted some of the most pressing semiconductor industry issues but there are challenges on the horizon well beyond current supply chain and silicon manufacturing bottlenecks
Nicole Hemsoth writes in The Next Platform, "If research hurdles are not addressed, the growing demands of data could put a damper on the 'smart' world manufacturers, retailers, financial giants, energy, media, and other enterprises are banking on.

Those 'five horsemen' that could signal a decline (or boost) in expectations include memory/storage, analog microelectronics, communication technologies, energy, and security in increasingly complex, interconnected systems..."

The Next Platform, January 4th, 2022
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Big Data Analytics Expected To Grow To $100B In Value By 2027
As the world online becomes increasingly congested in the wake of competitors discovering the potential of a rapidly accelerating market, big data analytics is quickly becoming an essential way for businesses to outperform their many rivals.
"With this in mind, how best can companies tap into the wealth of data left behind by consumers to better understand the ways they can mould their marketing campaigns?" asks Dmytro Spilka in VentureBeat.

"Statista data suggests big data market volume is set to top $100 billion over the next five years. This indicates that the marketing industry's early analytical adopters are likely to pave the way for greater prosperity in the age of the 'new normal' as ecommerce continues its growth away from the COVID-19 pandemic..."

VentureBeat, January 3rd, 2022
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Top 10 insideBIGDATA Articles For December 2021
In this continuing regular feature, we give all our valued readers a monthly heads-up for the top 10 most viewed articles appearing on insideBIGDATA
"We've heard from many of our followers that this feature will enable them to catch up with important news and features flowing across our many channels," writes Daniel Gutierrez in insideBIGDATA.

"We're happy to oblige! We understand that busy big data professionals can't check the site everyday..."

insideBIGDATA, January 4th, 2022
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IT News - Encryption
Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC)
Elliptical curve cryptography (ECC) is a public key encryption technique based on elliptic curve theory that can be used to create faster, smaller and more efficient cryptographic keys.
Andrew Froehlich writes in SearchSecurity, "ECC is an alternative to the Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA) cryptographic algorithm and is most often used for digital signatures in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as one-way encryption of emails, data and software.

An elliptic curve is not an ellipse, or oval shape, but it is represented as a looping line intersecting two axes, which are lines on a graph used to indicate the position of a point. The curve is completely symmetric, or mirrored, along the x-axis of the graph..."

SearchSecurity, January 4th, 2022
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